Week 1 Discussion 1 How Un ethical Are You management homework help

Week 1 Discussion 1: How (Un)ethical Are You?
Purpose: To think about how an individual’s hidden personal beliefs, attitudes, and especially their unconscious biases may lead to injustices in the workplace and how these ethical lapses may be counteracted.
Read the following article in your course pack and focus your thinking on the associated discussion questions.

“How (Un)ethical Are You?” Banaji, Mahzarin R.; Bazerman, Max H.; Chugh, Dolly. In
Harvard Business Review, Case #R0312D. Published 12/01/2003, Harvard Business School Publishing.

Discussion Questions:

Can you cite any examples of implicit prejudice, in-group favoritism, or overclaiming of credit from your own work experiences?
Do you believe that research measures like the IAT tests might be a helpful step in addressing the issue of unintentional unethical behaviors in the workplace?
How might the IAT approach be integrated into your own organization? Hint: To view and try these research tools yourself see the following Web site: http://implicit.harvard.edu.

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