Web Browser Security computer science homework help

Web Browser Security computer science homework help

Please write a reply to each answer below with your own thoughts, 3 sentences minimum:
 Web Browser Security

I generally use Firefox for most things, mostly because I like the interface and I’m too lazy to change to Chrome. I do have the security settings set up to block dangerous downloads, websites, and uncommon software. The web browser is only one layer in web security, however. I use the settings on my browser together with my OS’s built in firewall, Avast online security, and responsible web browsing. The settings in my online security addon for my anti-virus software allow me to see if the site has been reported as safe or not, as well as showing me what companies are trying to track me on that site and what kind of tracking they are doing. I then have the option of allowing or disallowing the tracking, so I can control what information is tracked by which companies. I use responsible web browsing as a sort of primary safety, like keeping your finger off the trigger of a gun unless you intend to fire it. I only visit websites if I know that they are legit, make sure that when I transmit any sensitive information over the internet that it is encrypted, and incorporate unique and complex passwords for each site requiring a login; many of these passwords include special characters not mapped to keyboard, requiring ALT key coeds to be entered.
I would recommend not relying on any one tool entirely for all your security. A combuined approach featuring firewalls, web security software, control in your browser, and personal responsibility are necessary. No matter what security you use, all it takes is one click on a link to see a kitten video to compromise your system. These is no tool or browser that is 100% safe. Security is up to you.
There are three types of Web browsers that I have used. They are Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. Currently, I use Google Chrome because it is quick when loading websites and it has a simple interface. As for Internet Explorer and Safari, they became very slow and old to me after using Google Chrome recently. 
For my browser security settings on Google Chrome, they were set at default until I recently made changes of who can guest browse or which search engine is being used when searching from the omnibox which I set it to Google. I do not let Google Chrome save any usernames or passwords because I have learned from this class to keep personal information and credentials private. Also, I have some extensions on Google Chrome that include AdBlock, which is a free ad blocker to remove advertisements, malware and tracking and Currently, a new tab screen that displays time and weather depending on your location. 
The changes I have made are sufficient because so far I have not encountered any problems due to only visiting websites I am only familiar with and making the settings on my browser security settings in my own control and preferences. The changes I would recommend are changing passwords from time to time to keep security updated and to install any updates such as software needed on the Web browser. 
About the Active Directory, Group Policy, and DNS

The number one thing that I have taken from the learning material from this course is that if or whenever you are designing a new network or just updating an older one, review the standards and guidelines that Microsoft has developed. Don’t just wing it and come up with your own design. There are too many people out there with more knowledge than any of us here who have written these standards for us to follow. Not doing so could jeopardize your network’s integrity and even security. I will be the first to say that I am nowhere near the level of experience needed to admin a corporate network even with the many guidelines and how-tos out there on the web.
The section I would say I enjoyed the most was Remote Access Management. The first few sections were great to learn but I would have to admit, I was a little burnt out on AD and DNS. It was good to learn the other features the Windows Server had to offer like VPN, Routing, and NAP. All good things that I will now have to play with in a virtual environment.
Over the past six weeks, some of the knowledge that I have taken away includes the different operations that are available in active directory and implementing GPO’s. I feel that this class built on the installing/configuring windows server class that I already took. I definitely feel much more comfortable working with Windows Server by knowing where to go to change, add, and remove options and permissions. Some best practices for the real world would be to ensure that Windows Server is set up so that GPO’s can be navigated easily. Also, future growth should be considered when implementing Windows Server so that there is as little confusion as possible when expanding a network.

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