Watch the link

Watch the link and video and answer the summary / response with each link must be 300 to 700 words the direction is going to be below must follow the direction.
The YouTube video at the link below (you only have to be concerned with the first 2:22) will explain how to do a summary/response paper. There is only one (1) summary/response due per week so if there is more than one item to respond to, you will still have to write within the following word limit. Each summary response should be between 300 and 750 words.

Just like in the video, please format your summary/response as follows:

Introduction ( 1 paragraph)

Include the name of the author or producer if available and the title of the item being summarized
A summary of the item
A statement of the idea or ideas from the item you will respond to

Response (a paragraph for each idea you want to respond to)

Paraphrase (write and expound on each idea in your own words) each chosen idea first then write your response to each idea
The YouTube video at this link will discuss how to do proper paraphrasing:
Your summary/response will at the very least, contain the two headings Introduction and Response. You may want to have a heading for each specific idea response. This is the link and video below:…
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