watch short videos and answer the following questions

PARTICIPATION EXERCISE #15: After viewing the 3-minute vieo respond to the following questions: (Links to an external site.)1. What are the “positives” of developing standards? Negatives?2. What types of standards or expectations have existed in jobs that you have worked?
Participation Exercise #16: Time studies are often used to set standards for labor. After reading the following article respond to the following questions: What do you think would be the most difficult steps in conducting a “time study”2. Have you encountered any “time” standards are recommendations from employers in jobs that you have worked? Explain? Did you or would you be motivated by “time” standards?
Participation Exercise #17: After viewing this short video (Links to an external site.) respond to the following questions:1. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing?2. Have you ever worked for a company that outsourced any services or products? Examples?
Participation Exercise #18: After reading this short article (Links to an external site.) respond to the following questions.1. What would a company keep an unprofitable segment/product line?2. Can you think of any segments or product lines that are unprofitable for popular companies?
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