The ANA is such an astonishing association. They help with new enactment, state-of-the-art data on nursing issues, confirmations and proceeding with training, thus a lot increasingly significant nursing subjects. I turned into a part as an understudy, yet I didn’t comprehend the significance of being associated with these associations. In the present changing social insurance framework, it is so imperative to be taught and included on the present issues. The ANA has been a promoter for profession improvement and improving the wellbeing for all Americans for more than 100 years. I need to turn into an individual from this long-standing association to keep awake to-date on issues, proceed with my training, and have any kind of effect in the nursing field. 
Being an advocate means a lot, at many different levels. For instance, as LVN being an advocate is hands on, RN would be collaborating with many different discipling, BSN would be all the combination and take it to a management level. As working for hospice being a patient advocate is so important at the end of life. Working with dying patients and educating families about the medications needed for end of life comfort. For instance, Morphine 20mg/ml give 1 ml Po/SL q 2 hours PRN pain. (severe pain 7-10). With out this education on medication regimen patient would suffer in pain. 
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