Vulnerable Populations In Our Communities Healthcare Discussion Help

Vulnerable Populations in our Own Communities
Shi, Stevens, Faed, & Tsai (2008) maintain that an individual’s personal surroundings play a role their access to material and social resources essential to wellbeing, which in turn play a role in their level of vulnerability and risk of negative outcomes. Their contention is that the lack of access to these resources may reduce the level of health-promoting behaviors while increasing the incidence of risk behaviors (2008), which in turn increase risk exposures and vulnerability to poor health outcomes.
Think about this in relationship to your own community.
In your post of 150 to 175 words,
Identify a “vulnerable population” and several factors that might play a role in making the vulnerable or at risk. For example, you might identify what resources they lack access to and how this increases risk for certain negative outcomes. Identify how their surroundings serve as barriers to healthy behaviors/lifestyles or increase the incidence of risk behaviors. Then discuss what you think could be done to reduce the vulnerability of this group.

Values and Vulnerability
In your post of 150 to 175 words,
Discuss how values affect how society views vulnerable individuals and populations. Be sure to include examples to illustrate your points/support your answer.

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