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Instructions attached below to a Word document in the Additional Material

Voir Dire Assignment
This assignment will familiarize you with the questions that may be asked of you to become qualified as an expert witness in the court system.
Part 1: Questions to answer:
1. Define Voir Dire .
2. How does this term apply to forensic science or a forensic expert s testimony
Part 2: Voir Dire Questions
You are a prosecutor and have called a forensic drug analyst to testify to his/her opinion in the analysis that he/she performed. However, prior to giving the opinion, the expert needs to be able to answer a series of questions to show that he/she is qualified to provide an opinion.
Please develop five (5) questions that the prosecutor should ask this witness to assist the judge and jury in relaying that this person is an expert in his/her field. I have provided the first two (2) questions that are typically asked of the witness. Please continue this sort of questioning. So, you need to provide five (5) more questions and answers, for 7 questions and answers total.
1. Please provide an appropriate response to the five (5) questions that you have developed for the forensic expert witness.
2. Do you feel that these questions provide adequate information to ensure that this witness may provide an opinion in his/her analysis Please explain and defend your response.
This assignment requires outside research. You need to use at least three (3) outside sources for this assignment. Make sure to cite and reference these outside sources in APA format.
Voir Dire Questions for an Expert in Forensic Drug Analysis: (2 given questions: continue with 5 additional questions):
1. Please state your name.
Harry Moore
2. What is your current job position and job duty
I am a forensic scientist for the ABC crime laboratory. My main duty is to perform drug analysis on substances that are received as evidence into the ABC crime laboratory. I also perform peer review of co-worker s case records.
Format of Paper
Title Page
Times New Roman font ONLY
12-point font
1 inch margins (you will have to change your margins if using Word 2003 or earlier)
Double Spaced
Reference Page
The paper does not need an abstract. It should be in APA format, including the citations and the References.


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