Visual Rhetoric analysis. – Empire Essays

You will find a piece of art work, a poster, a billboard, a brochure, or any visual media that focuses on the farm or agriculture. Then you will write about this example. Use the following information from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University to help you as you write about the art work or visual media :
Under “Purpose” the Purdue paper gives methods to look at different kinds of media and images.

Scan or take a photo of the media example you wish to discuss, and copy it at the top of your paper. 
Discuss the rhetorical elements of the work: the purpose, audience, ethos, pathos, and logos. 
How does the media make the viewer feel and why?
What strategies does the artist use to promote this connection and feeling?
Discuss all elements of the image (color, construction, size, focus, etc) and the connections that they have to the farm and agriculture as well as to any other rhetorical elements (patriotism, family, rural country, etc.)

Grading:  You will be graded on how thorough and critical your essay is. (Critical in terms of thoughtful and well analyzed. 2-4 pgs) Make sure to “read” your image / media in as many ways as possible.

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