Using Naegele’s Rule calculate Kristen’s EDD. What stage of …

Order InstructionsInstructions:Please read the following case study details. Then respond to each of the questions below.
You are a nurse caring for women in a rural clinic. This clinic serves most of the area’s population and provides comprehensive women’s healthcare. This includes things such as: STI treatment, birth control, prenatal Care, pregnancy care, and care for all ages.
Kristen is a 17-year-old female who lives with her parents and is about to start her senior year at the local high school. She has a boyfriend who is also a senior and they have been dating for 1 year. Kristen is active in band and choir, and has never had many health problems. She recently found out she is pregnant when seeking care for treatment of chlamydia.
Chief Complaint
“I am here to see the doctor for my first prenatal visit.”
Medical History
Chicken pox as a child. UTD on all immunizations. Tonsils removed 2013.
DOB: 12/31/2005NKDABlood type: O negativeHeight: 5’7Weight: 130 lbs.First day of LMP: 12/28/2022
G-1 T-0 P-0 A-0 L-0G-1 P-0
Using Naegele’s Rule calculate Kristen’s EDD.What stage of fetal development is this pregnancy in? What is most important during this stage?Choose 2 hormones produced by the placenta and explain their functions during pregnancy and development.What Presumptive, Probable, and Positive signs of pregnancy would you expect this patient to complain of at this stage of pregnancy? Select 2 signs for each of the 3 categories and explain the reason why it falls into that category.Choose 3 normal maternal adaptations of pregnancy that Kristen might be feeling now or very soon in the pregnancy. Describe the role these adaptations play in pregnancy.What are some warnings signs during this trimester that would warrant further investigation?Add a question: After you have analyzed the content from the discussion board, please add a question to the end of your initial post regarding the reading material for the week. Plagiarism Free Papers
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