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Individual, Family, or Community Plan of Action
As a human service and public service leader, you are now ready for the last step in the multidisciplinary approach: Develop a plan of action based on your recommendations.
Using recommendations you made from the interviews you conducted, what you learned from the Riverbend City family and course materials, and your personal experiences, determine an issue or concern specific to an aging individual, the family of an aging individual, or a community that you would like to address through a plan of action. Instead of reporting what is wrong or the concerns you have, create a plan of action as a response. Present your plan of action in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, prepared as if you were addressing the individual, family, or community.
Include the following in your plan of action presentation:

Articulate the objectives of the plan of action for the individual, family, or community. These objectives should reflect what you want to recommend as possible changes.
Describe how the individual, family, or community plan of action will be implemented. You should consider the specific details of how to carry out your plan. This includes an appropriate time frame, individuals who need to be involved, and the resources required to implement your plan. In your description, be sure to address how other institutions or other members of society may be impacted as a result of implementing your action plan.
Predict how the future may be different if the individual, family, or community plan of action succeeds. Consider factors such as major debates and legislative, financial, cultural, and ethical issues that may arise.

Your presentation should be approximately 20–25 slides, including a title slide and a slide listing your reference list. Support your assignment with specific references in APA format to all resources used in its preparation. Your slides should follow conventions for professional communication, using bullet points for headlines. Use the notes section of the presentation for details that would be delivered verbally if you were to actually give the presentation.
For additional assistance in creating a professional-level PowerPoint presentation, you may wish to view the Microsoft tutorials on iGuide (linked in the Resources).
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