Unit 4 DB: Comparing Rate of Pay This discussion will give y…

Unit 4 DB: Comparing Rate of Pay This discussion will give y…

 Unit 4 DB: Comparing Rate of PayThis discussion will give you a greater perspective on the differences in the cost of living throughout the United States. Please share the following information with your classmates. This information can be listed in bullet points. 

The state in which you currently live.
Your state’s minimum wage.
How does your state’s minimum wage compare to the current federal minimum wage?

Then consider and discuss the following scenario: Mr. Velez is a single parent with an infant and a 4-year-old. Mr. Velez works 40 hours a week and is paid your state’s minimum hourly wage while his children are in a childcare center full-time. Take a look at the average cost of care in your state.

Is Mr. Velez considered to be above or below the federal poverty line with his weekly income?
Can Mr. Velez afford the cost of childcare for two children on minimum wage pay?  
What social welfare policy or program would you recommend to Mr. Velez to help him make ends meet?

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