Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics/

discussion 1
Vocabulary Round-Up
Ashford University Discussion

As you have discovered throughout this course, there are many terms that are important to understand when working with families. The more deeply you understand these terms, the more you will be able to use the information you have gained in this course. To begin this discussion, you will need to complete Vocabulary Iinteraction that is located at the end of Chapter Six of your course text.  After completing the activity, respond to the following:

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Explain how completing this activity helped to increase your knowledge of vocabulary related to families.
Discuss which family term(s) you are still confused about and share one step you can take to strengthen your understanding of this term(s). If you are not confused about any terms, share what steps you took to have a solid understanding of these terms.
Describe how completing this activity helped you to feel more confident about working with children and their families.
discussion 2

Finding quality childcare is oftentimes difficult for families because of factors such as cost, location, and availability. Selecting a childcare setting that is consistent with the families parenting style in the home is optimal.
To prepare for this discussion, read the article, “Finding Quality Child Care and Preschool Isn’t Always Easy,” and review the Children in the States Factsheets link on the Children’s Defense Fund website.
For this discussion, you will

Define quality childcare and provide a rationale for its importance. Be sure to use the information from the Great Start to Quality website and your text as support.
Discuss indicators of quality childcare.
Examine the cost of center-based childcare in your state and share the cost listed by the Children’s Defense Fund.
Evaluate the affordability of quality childcare in your area and determine if the cost is consistent with the service provided. For additional support, read the How Much You Have to Earn to Be Considered Middle Class in Every US State” article.
Discuss two challenges of selecting a quality childcare setting that aligns to one’s parenting style while taking cost, location, and availability into consideration. Support your discussion with one additional scholarly source. Ashford University Discussion

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