Undead Essay Assignment – Film Review

HUMN 16859G – Living with the Undead (hybrid)

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Term Essay Assignments
Please note, there are two essay assignments for this course. Each is worth 20% of the final grade, for a combined total of 40%. The essays are due in Weeks 8 and 11. Topics are as follows:
Essay 1, due Week 8 – Film Review (20%)
For this assignment, you will review the film Let Me In (2010), and, if you wish, you may compare this film to Interview with the Vampire, The Lost Boys, or any other vampire film you feel will help you examine the film in question, and to situate it in both traditional or modern culture. For your review, please consider the following:
· In the film Let Me In, Abby is a vampire who appears to be a 12-year-old girl, but she has been that way for hundreds of years. Is Abby a sympathetic character, meaning does the audience sympathize with her and want her to succeed? Why or why not? In your answer, use specific references to the film.
· We are used to seeing the vampire as a villain or monster. Is Abby a villain, or is someone else the villain in this story? Support your answer with specific details from the film.
· What is the significance of “eternal youth” in this story? Is it a gift or a curse? You may wish to consider how Abby is similar to other “young” vampires, like Carmilla in the novella Carmilla, the vampires in The Lost Boys, or Claudia in Interview with the Vampire.
· Investigate film reviews online, to get an idea of how people write about films. You may wish to do a webquest for this, or look at sites like “Rotten Tomatoes”, or read film reviews in popular journalism.
In essence, your task is to write a reflective paper about the cinematic construction of the vampire, based upon traditional vampire myths, modern vampire fiction, and the creative vision of 20th Century film directors. How does the film, or films, reflect traditional vampire legends? How does it fit within the spectrum of various types of vampire fiction (Classic Adventure Tale, Psychological Vampire, etc.) we have been discussing in class?
The grading rubric for both essays follows the description of the second essay assignment. When you have completed and printed your paper, please be sure to attach a grading rubric to it. Format this paper in APA or MLA style, whichever you prefer. Make sure your work in written clearly and properly organized into paragraphs. All submissions must be typewritten, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman 12 font. This essay should be at least 500 words.
Essay 2, due Week 11, Comparative Essay – “Carmilla” and Julie Delpy’s “The Countess”. This essay is also worth 20% of your final grade.
Choose ONE of the following topics for your second essay. Please note that submission guidelines are as above.
1. Which of the following themes is most significant in Carmilla: sexuality, evil or seduction? Be sure to look at how the theme is explored in the story, whether it is explicit or implicit and how it is developed as the narrative progresses. You must also mention how plot, character and setting influence theme in your response. Are the same or similar themes explored in “The Countess”?
2. Which themes are most significant in the film, “The Countess”? How faithfully has the film’s director represented the story of Elizabeth Bathory? Note also that in the first part of the course we studied six different kinds of vampires. Which kind of vampire would Elizabeth Bathory be, if she’s indeed a vampire at all?
3. Analyse the character of both Carmilla and Elizabeth Bathory: are they monsters or innocent victims in the narratives? Be sure to look at how character is developed in the narrative, which characteristics each woman possesses and whether they are flat or round characters. You must also mention how plot, setting and theme influence Carmilla’s and The Countess’ character in your response.
4. Consider the social construction of the vampire, especially of the female vampire. Is it more acceptable that males act as vampires? What happens when females act in this way, and especially if they take control of their romantic or erotic lives? Consider the circumstances that the Countess finds herself in. What did she stand to lose? What would she gain by the dreadful murders that she’s committed? How do the ways in which Elizabeth Bathory acts compare with how the Countess Karnstein? What does this say about how society sees the female vampire? You may consider some research for this topic, if you wish.
5. You may also wish to compare these two female vampires with female vampires in popular culture (i.e. film or television). What has changed in terms of the portrayal of the predator/outsider/iconoclast/transgressor? What does this say about women, an particularly about women’s empowerment in society? Has very much changed as we begin the 21st Century?

Essay Grading Rubric
Each assessment opportunity is worth 20% of your final grade

20 18 16
14 12 10
8 6 4
2 0

The student has identified the work’s author and provided a basic outline of the plot. The emphasis of this section of the paper is not just on the events, but the reasons why the events have taken place, and their larger meaning. The student has also considered and written about the larger mythology of the vampire in traditional culture, as well as in popular culture. The student has addressed the topic for the essay with a high degree of skill, and has demonstrated not only critical thinking, but also that the analysis the student has done has enough depth to make the student’s arguments convincing. If research has been used, it has been documented skilfully. MLA or APA style for this assessment exceeds expectations.
This is a satisfactory effort. The student has identified the work under discussion, and has outlined the basic plot of the work. More detail is required, however, to elucidate the main events in the plot and to make it clearer to the reader. The student has addressed and explored the essay topic with a satisfactory degree of skill, though it would be helpful if the student included more specific detail from either the text or the film in question, including specific references to passages through either quote, paraphrase or summary, with accompanying page numbers. There is satisfactory evidence of critical thinking in this essay, though the student might need to reflect further. MLA or APA style is satisfactory, but might need review.
The student has not been successful in this assessment effort. The paper loses focus, and there is insufficient evidence from the text and/or the film under consideration to justify claims that the student is making in the paper. More information about the plot is needed to demonstrate an understanding of the work itself, and supporting details with page or chapter numbers is necessary. There is some evidence of critical thinking in this assessment effort, though a much stronger effort is required to demonstrate not only that the student has performed a close reading of the text, but also that the student has considered what they have learned in the films. Writing help may be required. MLA or APA style needs review.
This is an unsuccessful effort for this assignment. There are too few details in the paper to demonstrate an understanding of either the text or the film. As well, the paper is weak and unfocused due to problems in writing, including grammar, sentence structure, and organisation. The student is advised to seek writing and study skills assistance from the Writing Centre.
Please ask for library assistance with MLA or APA style.

HUMA 16859G – Living With the Undead
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