two pageE300 Checklist for Summary Paper #1Format:  MLALengt…

two page
E300 Checklist for Summary Paper #1
Format:  MLA
Length: two pages
Works Cited: one work cited, the NYTimes article
Questions to answer? 
Is there a title to your paper?  Does it help your reader? 
Is there an introductory sentence that tells the reader who wrote the article, when they wrote, where it was published and why it was written? 
Do you let the reader know the author’s main thesis or reason for writing the article? 
Can the reader read your summary and not have to read the whole article?
Paper length will depend upon the length and complexity of your article.  Shoot for 20-40% of the article’s original length.
This is your goal: your summary should be a good substitute for the original.
look to files … 

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