Two forum responses 150 or more each with works cited topic international relations. See description

Two forum responses 150 or more each with works cited topic international relations. See description

This forum requires a “role play”. You will be responding as Garan Sureyev. His bio can be found on page 46 of the attached PDF.

Post 1

I am Viktor Ozerov the former chair of Russian Federation Committee and Defense

The cause of the conflict in Chechnya is largely due to a group of conquered people not really wanting to accept they have been conquered. We conquered them over 150 years ago yet they don’t seem to understand this. The people of Chechnya still refuse to be apart of the greater Russian Federation. By choice on their part has this conflict come to be. The people of Chechnya have refused to assimilate within the traditions of the Russian people. They want their own Muslim country with their laws and their rules. We have other Muslims all over our country who are not in violent uprising against us.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned I feel as the people of Russia we have a moral obligation to do something about the Chechnyas due to Chechnya being an export of terrorist world wide. Lets just look at the Boston bombings in the United States as an example of Chechnya exports terrorizing cities. We must crush these terrorist on our own soil before they commit these acts of broad. I feel its in our best interest to do something about it before the rest of the world is asking why we havn’t. For that matter the Russian government does not want to be deemed a harbor er or enabler of terrorist.

As such giving Chechnya full independence is simply not an option for the Russian government. It would be immoral to do so. It would open the door to become a nation where terrorist are trained and find refugee. Considering the position Russia is in right now with disputes with NATO and the United States over both Syria and the Ukraine we fear this may worsen if Chechnya becomes a republic. It would create another Afghanistan. The Russian government would rather deal with this than give reason for the rest of the world to do so. Considering Chechnyas geographic location within Russian and short border with Georgia if Chechnya would be allowed to become another Afghanistan how could we tell if U.S cruise missiles incoming are not nuclear armed. For that matter not targeted against Russia. This may inadvertently lead to a very dangerous situation the rest of the world simply does not want to see.

Ramazan is simply the right person to manage the situation in Chechnya at this point. He has taken control of the region and made the Russian governments job a very easy one. The Russian people are simply exhausted of sweating blood and treasure into Chechnya. Ramazan has our full confidence in managing this affair at this time. This has become a delegated task for us which he has managed well. In light of whats going on in the world and this “New Cold War” we now face with NATO and the west directing our resources elsewhere makes more sense at this point.

Post 2

I am Alexei Arbatov a Deputy of the Russian State Duma, a member of the Yabloko Faction, and member of the Duma Commission for Promoting a Political settlement in Chechnya. I do not advocate complete military destruction of all of Chechnya which risks alienating any moderate and potentially pro Russian Federation Chechens from an ultimate reintegration into the Russian Federation. Chechen terrorists must be isolated and defeated if they do not enter into negotiations with Russian and external mediators in order to resolve this conflict. These Chechen extremists must be properly identified, isolated, and defeated in order to bring some level of normalcy back to the Caucasus region in general and Chechnya specifically.

Chechnya like many other distinct nationalities was brought under Russian control in order to secure the Russian homeland. In return for security and economic development there is an expectation that all Russian citizens support the stability of the Motherland! The Chechens failed to remember history in which their people have been defeated time and again by Russian military forces or tragically expelled from their homelands for attempts at undermining the sovereignty of the Russian state. As the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics began to dissolve with 1980s reforms the Chechens took illegal steps to elect internal leaders who advocated independence from Russia. The Chechen extremists and separatists are responsible for a significant share of the destruction of Chechnya.

The Russian government, internal security forces, and military should not pursue a “scorched earth” policy against all of Chechnya. To ultimately ensure Chechens recognize their place is within the Russian Federation Moscow should appoint a political representative reporting directly to the Kremlin. Decentralized Chechen leaders with direct involvement in pro and anti Russian Federation conflicts continues to breed distrust and violence against the state. The Kremlin needs to appoint a political representative in Grozny who can ensure peace negotiations occur in which a solution is presented further isolating the small number of Chechen Muslim and nationalists seeking outright independence from Russia.

Russian security forces need to establish clear lines of demarcation in which businessmen and civilians can rebuild Chechnya. Allowing greater movement and less banditry will provide civilians a sense of security rebuilding some sense of normalcy within the civilian sector. The Chechens are ultimately responsible for the state of affairs due to their rebellion and terrorist tactics advocating for an independent state. Chechnya would not have the same levels of economic inclusion and stability as an independent state as it would a peaceful autonomous region within the Russian Federation.

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