tw part discussion the meaning of the quest

I need someone to complete a two part discussion task.

Part 1: Due 03/14

Write a 2-3 paragraph post on the following: What does victory or failure say about a person and his or her quest? Technically, Gilgamesh failed. What if he had succeeded? Would we think of him differently because of this?

Part 2: Due 03/18

This week, respond to two of your classmates’ discussion posts on the meaning of the quest by providing examples from this week’s readings (Chapter 3) that support or oppose their arguments. How does the success or failure of Oedipus shape our understanding of who he is? Include at least two citations from the reading to support your reasoning. The responses must be at least 1 paragraph and must be written as if I am have a conversation with my peer.

I will provide the Chapter in images and the peer posts in a link.


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