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Paper #3 Guidelines
Write a 600-800 word reflection/analysis paper including research on Irish stepdance and Trinity Irish Dance Company. Include a bibliography. The assignment will be double spaced and turned in on Canvas. DUE 4/6
Research the history of Irish stepdance and Trinity Irish Dance Company. (Links to an external site.) This research will serve as your contextual information. (2 paragraphs) SITE REFRENCES. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES FROM WEBSITES OR OTHER REFRENCES. Paraphrase and summarize key points.
View these two dances by Trinity Irish Dance and follow the writing guidelines below.
“Communion” (Links to an external site.)
“Soles” (Links to an external site.)
Demonstrate your observation skills and ability to analyze movement utilizing the 5 elements of dance (body, time, space, effort/energy, action). It is not necessary to name the 5 elements. Just use them as a tool to help create a detailed description and analysis.
Consider stagecraft concepts discussed in-class (lighting, projection, costumes, props, set).
Incorporate the elements of a dance critique (evaluation, description, interpretation, contextualization).
Synthesize information from assigned readings, in-class discussions, and your own research to assess the dance’s aesthetic and cultural influences.
Use evocative language and analogy or simile to provide the reader with vivid descriptions.
Properly use stage directions and vocabulary introduced thus far.
Writing Guidelines:
The paper should have a clear structure. For instance, it can be organized chronologically or by topic.
Proofread your paper, read it out loud to yourself, and have someone else proofread for you. Check for clarity, flow, and grammatical and spelling errors.
Be concise. Remove any redundancy and unnecessary details or verbiage.
Cite references.
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