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Trending Nutrition Article
Due: Fri May 12, 2023 11:59pmDue: Fri May 12, 2023 11:59pm
Understanding nutrition has become more and more difficult over the years as individuals are hearing/seeing mixed messaged from the media. For example, I have many patients ask me if they should still limit their egg consumption due to the media’s perception and past scientific research stating that eggs increase your cholesterol levels in your blood. These mixed messages can cause a lot of confusion when trying to improve eating patterns. Understanding nutrition claims can be a helpful tool to use when evaluating new nutrition trends/fads to determine if you want to include these into your daily life.
For this assignment, you will need to find a story in the media that relates to course material. The assignment is worth 50 points. This assignment will be turn in using Turnitin. Please see assignment directions below.

Identify a story in the media (New York Times, Kearney Hub, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Fox News, XYZ blogger, etc.) that relates to the course material. This could be a story about nutrition, health, food, or a particular disease state related to nutrition. Be sure to include a working URL link so I can locate the story you are writing about. This story must have been published within the last year (January 2022-current).  The story can be from a credible source or sensationalized (Lose 100 pounds in 2 months! OR Drink this special juice every day to prevent cancer). It’s your choice!  Here is a great link to read as well: Nutrition Fact or Fiction? ( to an external site. 10 points


In a word document, briefly summarize the main points of the article (should include at least three main points) and explain how this information relates to our course material. 15 points


Answer all the following questions to receive full credit: 25 points total


Who is reporting the information (Example: News outlet, researcher, dietitian, person who has used the product). Please include person name and credentials, if known (Example: MD or Amanda Skalka, MS, RDN, LMNT)? 5 points



Evaluate any claims made by the author. Are they accurate based on what you learned in class? Or do you believe they biased? Explain why. 5 points



Is this research based or a testimonial? 5 points



Would you share this with your family and friends? Why or why not? 5 points



Describe your perspective on the story. (Example: Are the claims too good to be true?) 5 points


Include the URL link to your article so I can read the story you are writing about. Make sure to double check the URL link directs me to your specific story. I will have to deduct points if I cannot find your story linked. 5 points


Upload assignment to Canvas.

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