TRAVIL PROJECT – Empire Essays

Purpose: To acquaint you with pragmatic and creative aspects of world travel.
Project: Plan a hypothetical 10-14 day trip to a specific travel with below guidelines.
Requirements: 1000 word (4 pages double spaced) term paper submitted by the due date. Alternatively, you can submit a PowerPoint presentation with 10 – 20 slides that includes your text material in the “notes” section of the slides, which must comply with the word count minimum.
Getting Started: Submit Topic of interest by Friday, April 7th(5 points). I recommend you choose a country based on your ethnic background, family history, or personal acquaintances (e.g., friend from another country). If you have a locale that is of personal interest, the project will be of more practical use to you in the future. Once, I, 
Content: Each project should include the following:
• Brief Orientation: A basic background of the country, its history and interesting features. Give some sense of the climate where/when you will be traveling (so you know what clothes to pack!), but don’t turn the project into a “country” report. Emphasize the trip. Include a map that shows the trip itinerary. (10 points)
• Activities: A day-by-day itinerary of your trip (10-14+ days). “Package Deals”are NOT acceptable unless they are out of the ordinary trips. For example, a package trip down the Amazon River would be acceptable as this is the only way you can get there; an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica is unacceptable. Just visiting “beach and bars” does not make for a unique travel experience. Please include photos of your intended activities. (10 points)
• Travel: Include information about transportation cost and means (taxi, train, camel, etc.), estimated time of travel, lodging, visas, currency, exchange rate, any non-standard immunizations, etc. Make this PRACTICAL information. Do NOT fly first-class or stay at expensive 5-star hotels; most people cannot afford such luxuries. Spend time looking for a “good deal” and you will be surprised at how inexpensive world travel can be. Costs of activities within the country should be included as well. (10 points)
• Cultural Customs: Greetings (e.g., hello, thank you, etc.), gestures, dress, taboos, social etiquette, food, etc. These are important for getting around, interacting, “fitting in,” and avoiding social faux pas that may offend locals or potentially land you in jail. (10 points)

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