Topic Make Quick, Tasty, Healthy Meals

HE 411 Final project guidelines
This is a group project. You will work together on all 3 aspects of the project. Division of labor is entirely up to you. Each group will be graded on the caliber of all three parts to the project, and each group member will complete a group project evaluation and reflection assignment where you will score each other. These scores from your group members will factor into your grade on the project.
PART 1- Legislative fact sheet- 1-page front and back
· Will convey key points/ problem around your topic to a state legislator/ city council member/ school board representative
· Will state a specific policy/regulatory/systems or environmental change you want them to support
· Will describe the impact of what you are proposing
· Will have statistics
· Will have a human interest component/ narrative element
PART 2-Health message/ product
This may take many forms depending on what you and your group decide to do but it should fall into one of 3 categories in terms of orientation.
· Interpersonal focus
· Grass roots advocacy focus
· Entertainment education focus
You will be expected to design a message, select a channel for that message, and provide us with a completed example of that promotion.
As part of this assignment, you will:
· Do formative research with people you are targeting to hone in and tighten the message and the audience
· You will design a message and channel and create the actual product or a mock up of it
· You will then pilot test the content, get feedback, and revise accordingly
Topic make quick, tasty, healthy meals
PART 3- Health Campaign Plan – 10-15 pages, double spaced for body of text, plus title page and 6 references in APA format.
· Summary of literature reviewed, other campaigns similar to yours, background data on why the topic matters. ((explain why the topic we chose is important and introduce other campaigns done to help make food affordable and tasty for the university’s students)) from articles only
· 1-2 pages
· Other formative research engaged- summary of formative research methods and findings (summary of results from articles)
· 1-2 pages
Messages tested- list all message ideas you came up with and/or that you actually tested (Survey and interviews) (((Proposal: The purpose of our project is to evaluate the access and affordability of healthy food for off campus students at KOU. We will Interview and survey off campus students on access to healthy foods on campus (WUC grill, the press, anywhere that sells food on campus) and off campus/ around the town. The purpose of our project is to evaluate the access and affordability of healthy food for off campus students at KOU. We will ask a series of questions to help determine the level of availability/ access of healthy foods. The questions will also determine the underlying factors and issues that limit or hold back individuals from eating healthy.
Some of the ideas we came up with to help guide us to an effective campaign were surveys and interviews. We constructed an interview where we asked several students at KOU a general background of what their rating lifestyle. We also created a survey to get specific information on their eating habits and see what potential factors contribute to their eating habits.
List of potential questions:
· Do you consider yourself as someone who eats healthy? If not, why not?
· Do you have the need to eat healthy?
· Is eating healthy a priority to you?
· Do you have easy access to healthy foods
· Do you think there are a lot of options for eating healthy around campus and around town?
· If there was more access to healthy foods on campus and around Monmouth, would you chose healthy food over junk food?
· What holds you back from eating healthy
· What are the factors? (time, expense, distance, accessibility etc)
· What can the school and city do to improve healthy eating?
· What could you do to try to eat healthier with the constraints?
· Does the environment affect your choice to eat healthy?
Potential survey questions
· Lead off question: Do you consider your self to be a person that eats healthy
· On a scale on 1 to 5 (1 being the least, 5 being the most) for all questions
· How would you grade the health of your eating habits 1 being unhealthy, 5 being very healthy?
· 1-5, what is your priority for eating healthy?
· 1-5 (1 not often, 5 very often) How often do you eat healthy
· 1-5 (1 not available, 5 abundant) the level of accessibility to healthy food
· 1-5 (1 scarce, 5 abundant) amount of fast/junk food around the area
· 1-5(1 don’t agree, 5 strongly agree) Do you think their needs to be a change?
· 1-5 (1 not likely, 5 very likely) if there was more access to healthy food would you try to eat healthier?
· 1-5 is time and issue for eating healthy?
· 1-5 is expense an issue for eating healthy?
· 1 page probably
· Plans for campaign design- 7-10 pages (not necessarily in this order) (Based on the survey and interviews that we created, we found that KOU students off campus had more trouble maintaining a healthy diet than those who live on campus.)
· Desired outcome/ goals
· To inform/reduce stigma
· To educate
· To mobilize
· Channel selected, such as:
· Face to face
· Online
· Print
· Mass media
· Audience selected
· Full segmentation and rationale for that segmentation
· General implementation strategy
· Messages to implement
· Length of time for campaign
· Who will implement and how you see this working
· How you could see testing its effectiveness, what you would want to test or measure.
· Pilot testing results- what did you hear about your product and how did you tweak it based on the feedback you got?
· 1 page
· Conclusion paragraph.
Part 4- present your factsheet and product to the class
· During week 10 you will be presenting your products to the class.

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