This week we were able to dive into the case and untimely de…

This week we were able to dive into the case and untimely death of Karen Wood. Karen was in the backyard of her own home when she was mistakenly shot by a hunter. She left behind her husband and her infant daughters. Not only is this story tragic enough, but hearing the unfortunate way that this case was handled adds to the sorrow. There was definitely a problem with social institutions during this case due to the fact that law enforcement, wardens, and court officials tried to keep it very hush-hush and refused to address it. Additionally, blame was placed on Karen Wood herself. 
There was definitely an extreme bias in this case. The article mentioned many blamed newcomers for moving into the area and basically invading. Some sources took the stance that she should have known better. It is really sad to see how those actually in the wrong were not held accountable. The shooter ended up being acquitted, which shows justice was hardly a factor here. Plagiarism Free Papers
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