This term, we have been exploring how arts and humanities-ba…

This term, we have been exploring how arts and humanities-based approaches can be used to critically engage with environmental issues. This final reflection is an opportunity to consider how your fellow students have done just that!
For this assignment, please do the following:
1. Take some time to look through your classmates’ final projects and read about their creative and research processes.
2. Select the three final projects that had the greatest impact for you.
3. Write a 700-word reflection about these three final projects (please list the pieces you chose by name). Your reflection should address the following:

Why did you select these three projects? What drew you to each one? Cite specific details about each project in your answer.
What arts and/or humanities-based approaches did each project use? How did things like sound, imagery, poetry, creative language, color, lack-of-color, emotion, etc. influence your perception of the environmental issue in each project?
What message did you take away from each project?
Which of the three projects you selected did you find most effective and why? How did this project help you think differently about the issue? What broader question or questions did this project raise for you?
Which of the three projects made the most effective use of background research? What did you learn from the project as a result?

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