this is a homework 56

TOPIC: The Effects of Communication Technologies
Your assignment for this exercise is to find four articles from research journals that have extended our knowledge of your topic area. These articles should have been published during the last 5 years, should be directly relevant to the topic area, and should not be cited in the textbook. Feel free to use Internet search engines to help you find these articles. However, the articles themselves should be from academic journals.
For each article you choose, you should be prepared to present a discussion of the article that includes (1) a brief summary of what was concluded in the article, and (2) a discussion of the relevance of this article for your topic area that includes consideration of how our knowledge is extended by the research under consideration. I anticipate that each member of your group will present on at least one of the articles, but that each member will be able to answer questions about the articles. Anticipate presentations to last 10-12 minutes, which means you will need to be succinct.
I anticipate that groups will discuss the articles together. HOWEVER, the papers should be individual work.
In addition to the discussion EACH STUDENT will turn in the following:

A cover page that includes your name and discussion section and the topic area you’re considering for the research exercise.
Photocopies of the four articles you have selected.
A 1-2 page discussion of each article as discussed above. You should have a paper for each article regardless of whether you present that article in class.

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