this assignment requires proper essay format introduction body and conclusion


This assignment requires proper essay format: introduction, body and conclusion.
The body of the essay should consist of three separate paragraphs (one for each video).
Do not use the questions in your post.
Check grammar and spelling before posting.
You can type your response in to the text-box or post a link to your Word .doc or .docx
If you post a file, put your firstname.last name.120L in the file name
If you post a link to your paper that cannot be opened, you will receive a “0” (i.e., .pages, .odt)
Total Word Count: 700-750 words.

Watch each video. Take notes to help you answer the questions.
Video 1: Body Language (Links to an external site.)

What are some examples of nonverbal expressions of power and dominance?
How do our nonverbal govern how we think and feel about ourselves?
What is “power posing”? Give examples of powerful and powerless poses.
“Tiny Tweaks can lead to big changes”— what is the speaker referring to here? Explain the “two minutes”
Include at least one reference to Chapter 6 in this section

Video 2: Listening (Links to an external site.)

How much time do we spend listening?
How much do we retain?
What are the reasons for “losing hearing”
What does listening allow us to access or give us access to?
What are the five ways to listen better?
Include at least one reference to Chapter 7 in this section

Video 3: Emotional Hygiene (Links to an external site.)

What are psychological injuries?
How do we treat these injuries?
What types of “wounds” do we deal with?
What does the presenter say about making changes?
What is poor emotional hygiene?
Include at least one reference to Chapter 8 in this section

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