there are two things to do here 3

This assignment is related to a previous assignment. Basically this is a Final draft. So, I will explain to you what I did in the first draft. After you review what I did in the first draft. You will need to look at the feedback that the professor provided us. After that, you will need to read my paper and see all the issues and fix them and provide me a final draft that matches all the needs of this assignment.
1- This is what I had to do.
I will attach this in a word document
2- Read the professor’s feedback, read my paper, and then answer those questions

Before you begin to revise for submission of the Research Summary final draft, it’s good to think through what specific issues need to be addressed in your draft and consider all the topics discussed in the Feedback File. To help you strategically plan your revision, consider each draft individually, and respond to the following:

Is the purpose of the memo clearly clearly stated and consistently made throughout the document?
Are all claims/statements made in the memo supported and/or grounded in research?
Are the connections clear between the research and the claims made? Is the research actually saying what the memo claims it says?
Are the types of research used appropriate for the subject?
Is all data fairly and accurately represented in the text and/or visually?
Is the content and tone of your report tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience?
Is the document in proper memo format with all required headings?
Is all research properly cited in the text of the memo?
Is the Work Cited in consistent, proper format?

This is called a “revision plan”. So create a new word document and put these question in and answer them. 7-8 sentences for each question.

3 – Final step is to do the final draft.
Here you do not need to edit all of my paper. but you have to make major changes based on the feedback and based on what you said you would change when you answered the revision plan questions.
Some of the things you need to focus on is the Format, finding more specific examples about University of South Florida Tampa, make my research as specific s possible change the headings names, make it easy to read and follow, and the things that the professor mentioned in the feedback.

I will attach the files below.

so what you will need to give me is the revision plan in a word document, and a final draft of my paper

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you
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