There are two portions to this assignment: the Introduction …

There are two portions to this assignment:  the Introduction to the paper and the Review of Literature. 
The Subject is Childhood Education
The purpose of the introduction is to relate to the reader your topic, some ideas about the controversy within it, to mention the pro and con sides and to state your argumentative thesis in the last sentence(s).
The major purpose of the Review of Literature is to let the reader know the ideas the sources discuss on your topic; this portion allows the sources to argue for or against your thesis, almost as if there were a conversation of opposing ideas.Remember, the purpose is not to state your ideas and/or conclusions on the topic, but to relate source ideas.
The Literature Review requirements are listed and explained, as well as a sample to view in the syllabus and the study guide further clarifies the requirements.
In Lesson 4.2, you will see the “Requirements and Considerations” and note that the “Requirements” include “no less than five sources.”
The Literature Review requirements are explained, as well as ideas for putting the information together, in Lesson  4.3. 
So first, write your Review of Literature.  Second, write your Introduction.  For details about what is expected, please see the syllabus and the study guide, “Lesson 4: The Introduction.” You may also want to review the “Example Introduction and Review of Literature.  Again, view the syllabus for the exact items to be included, as well as the study guides; always strictly follow the guidelines. 
Upon completion, submit the APA formatted cover page, the introduction to the paper and the review of literature following, with the reference page, which should contain at least five sources that you have cited within the content. 
This is your opportunity to revise the Introduction and Literature Review from Unit IV. Take the time to make substantive revisions and take into consideration my instructional comments and the rubric.   I only mark my comments on certain sections of the paper, but these are usually indicative of the same ideas or errors throughout the paper. Understand that as the paper develops you will continue to “tweak” these portions.
Questions to Ask: 1.)  Does the introduction give a good overview of the major topic, as well as the controversy and stating the main idea of the opposing sides of that controversy?  2.)  Does the introduction end with a statement of the argumentative thesis and the reasons for it?   3.)  Is there a short intro to the review of literature that states what is to be covered in the review?  4.)  Does the review of literature cover the pro side of the controversy with at least two different authors/works cited on each side and does it do the same for the con side?

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