theory discussion week 6 – My Nursing Experts

Textbook: Smith, M. & Parker, M. (2014). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company. ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3312-4Read Chapter 12: Helen Erickson, Evelyn Tomlin and Mary Ann Swain’s Theory of Modeling and Role Modeling Chapter 13: Barbara Dossey’s Theory of Integral NursingQuestionsHow does the concept of Modeling & Role Modeling apply to nursing?How would the Theory of Integral Nursing benefit our community?I’m asking for 250 words. APA 7th ed. Plagiarism free. Please use the book as a reference. You also can use one scholarly reference. Due date: Tuesday 9th at 8:00am.
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