Theories and Styles of Leadership Paper

Theories and Styles of Leadership Paper…


Complete the leadership style self-assessment under learning activities.
Use information from your assigned readings and the literature related to leadership styles, and leadership and management theories to complete the paper.
Discuss your style of leadership based on the completed self-assessment.
Describe what leadership and management theories align with your leadership style.
Based on your leadership style, discuss the type of work environment, and three key actions or behaviors that you must demonstrate to be a successful leader.


Students will compare and contrast leadership and management principles.Identify one’s own leadership style.
Students will identify one’s own leadership style.

600 words, APA format
Minimum of four (4) total references: two (2) references from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than five years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information)

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