analyze the challenges that you might face as a preventionist, interventionist, or consultant working with a specific population
January 1, 2018
Relations and Functions
January 1, 2018

.Theoretically, how is working memory similar to and different from long-term memory?

The goal of this paper is to understand how the brain and memory processes are intertwined. Read all of the reading resources listed for this week on short-term and long-term memory, and how the various types of memory tie in with the neural mechanisms in the brain. For further readings access the Memory and Brain Mechanisms Paper Suggested Resources In an essay of 1,000-words, in the APA style. Discuss how memories are formed and maintained in the brain through the actions of neural circuitry. Use at least four of the listed resources to address the following questions:

1.Theoretically, how is working memory similar to and different from long-term memory?

2.How are memories formed in the brain (using neural circuitry), and how are they maintained?

3.When is it adaptive to remember, and in what ways may it be adaptive to forget?

4.Given what we know about brain mechanisms in memory, are our memories accurate? Explain your answer using information on how memories are stored in the brain.

5.How can knowledge of the brain and memory systems be used to help individuals suffering from memory problems (e.g., poor memory, amnesia, PTSD)?

6.What role do age and environment play in how memories are formed and maintained?


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