Themes From an Inquiry Process

Themes From an Inquiry Process

Themes From an Inquiry Process

 Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

The purpose of this discussion is to increase your understanding of the Discovery phase by examining examples from completed projects.
In this unit, you will continue to draw on the example AI projects to identify best practices for your own discovery. Choose one of the examples from the first Unit 2 study activity or from the Specialization-Specific Resourcesmultimedia piece, and read the portion of the example in which the authors presented the themes that were uncovered in the study. Searching the example for the keywords “themes,” “findings,” or “roots of success” may help you locate the information quickly.
For your initial post in this discussion, complete the following regarding the example you chose:

Describe in general terms the way in which the researchers presented the themes.
Discuss the effectiveness of the presentation in helping you understand the positive core.
Describe specific ideas, approaches, or strategies from the example that will help you with your own discovery.

Make a Connection
In addition to responding to the questions above, at the end of your post state a question or issue that is of interest to you. This is meant to help engage your peers and let them know how they can best support you.
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers, and respond to at least two other learners, completing the following:

Begin with a positive reflection on an idea or viewpoint expressed by the learner.
Suggest at least one applicable resource that conveys information about best practices related to the learner’s post, and/or suggest at least one idea that enriches the post.
Relate your response to some specific aspect of what you have learned in this course.
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