In this video, the debate discussed whether the teacher union are protecting bad teachers who actually do their job poorly and therefore undermine the quality of the education. However, I really don’t believe that the Teachers’ Unions are the crucial problem in the education. The reasons are as follows. First of all, we have to admit that the quality of the education institutions’ infrastructure plays a huge role on the quality of the education. For example, there are classroom that doesn’t even have a projector, which will make the teaching activities less interesting and sometimes, harder for the teacher to show the essence of a theory. Secondly, the students’ learning environment is also important. By environment I mean the environment created by parents, classmates and even the society. I believe it is really hard for a student to do well if he or she is doing homework at a home where the family members won’t stop fighting, or in a place where all the classmates are concentrating things that is not relevant to learning (and sometimes bully around campus can make some students afraid of going to school). Furthermore, there are some students that they are just not the learning material and no matter how good and skillful the teacher is, he or she is just not able to learn things. And no teacher should be hold responsible for this. And there are also a lot of other things can influence the quality of the education like the curriculum of the school provided, like how society treats the education. I am not suggesting there are no bad teacher who is under the teachers’ union; however, I’m just saying that education is a very complicated thing that is influenced by a lot of aspects. So we cannot just blame the teachers’ union for everything.200 words in APA style citation.
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