The purpose of this summary is ?to examine contemporary issu…

The purpose of this summary is  to examine contemporary issues related to food safety, including  tampering, bioterrorism, and different food safety standards across the  globe, and identifying food safety barriers that can cause issues with  food safety in a global, interconnected environment.
I suggest that you divide your summary into sections so that you cover  the main topics of: tampering, bioterrorism, differing food safety  standards, and finish up by explaining how those issues can cause  problems with food safety in a global environment. Basically, you will  be writing a paragraph or two on each issue and then finishing up with a  few paragraphs that tie them all together and show how those issues  impact food safety globally.
Make sure that you include an introduction as well as a  conclusion. Be sure that you are writing from a third person perspective  and using sources to back up what you are saying. Remember, in an  academic summary just because you say so…that does not make it true. You  need to support your conclusions with a valid resource.

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