The psychometric term ‘validity’ refers to

Question 1 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to the list of psychiatric disorders provided in the DSM-IV-TR PowerPoint material, a Mood Disorder is diagnosed on:A. Axis I
B. Axis II

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C. Axis IV
D. Axis VIQuestion 2 of 40 4.0 PointsThe psychometric term ‘reliability’ refers to:A. being consistent in your actions
B. consistency of measurement
C. dependability of a test
D. punctuality
Question 3 of 40 4.0 PointsThe statistical concept of psychopathology holds that:A. infrequently occurring behaviors in a society are normal
B. frequently occurring behaviors in a society are considered normal.
C. constructs of psychopathology are considered valid across cultures
D. frequently occurring behaviors in a society might be considered abnormal
Question 4 of 40 4.0 PointsThe bio-medical model of psychopathology emphasizes the use of:A. phrenology
B. meridian tapping
C. spinal tapping
D. a classification system
Question 5 of 40 4.0 PointsSchizophrenia is classified in the DSM-IV on:
A. Axis II
B. Axis IIIC. Axis IVD. Axis I
Question 6 of 40 4.0 PointsThe psychometric term ‘validity’ refers toA. accurate inferences
B. current
C. unexpired
D. statistical significance
Question 7 of 40 4.0 PointsThe pscyhometric term ‘treatment utility’ refers to:A. the contribution to known information
B. descriptive validity of a text
C. contribution to improved treatment outcomesD. high correlations with similar instruments
Question 8 of 40 4.0 PointsIn clinical practice ________________ interviews are used, while____________interviews are used in research
A. structured; structured
B. unstructured; structured
C. reliable; valid
D. semistructured; semistructured
Question 9 of 40 4.0 PointsA problem with projective techniques is:A. you can’t tell the future
B. scoring is difficult
C. normative data is used
D. everything in our inner world originates with our maternal relationships
Question 10 of 40 4.0 PointsAssessing psychopathology is fraught with potential bias and error.A. True
B. False
Question 11 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to the text authors, substance abuse claims ________________lives each year.A.440,000
Question 12 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to Bowlby, as cited in the journal article for Forum 3, the earliest working models:A. are formed while a fetus
B. are formed during adolescence
C. are in response to employers
D. are in response to interactions with significant caregivers
Question 13 of 40 4.0 PointsDrug abuse in women who report a history of sexual assault is ______ times higher than in women who do not.A.3
Question 14 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to research findings there is a relationship between childhood attachment and later:A. antisocial personality disorder
B. schizophrenia
C. bipolar disorder
D. delusional disorder
Question 15 of 40 4.0 PointsIn the journal article assigned to Forum 1, the authors assert that they were able to make conclusions about treatment in the managed care group.True
Question 16 of 40 4.0 PointsThe purpose of the Minami et al. study that is center of Forum 1, was to evaluate the effectiveness of TAU’s delivered in a managed healthcare organization by means of a strategy.
Question 17 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to Mittal and Walker (2007), neurocircuitry implicated in psychotic symptoms may be shared by:A. circuits controlling heart rate
B. circuits controlling hearing
C. circuits controlling speech
D. circuits controlling dyskinetic movement
Question 18 of 40 4.0 PointsConsistent with the Mitall and Walker (2007 findings, the group that converted to Axis I psychosis exhibited significantly more movement in:A. knee jerking motions
B. feet and lower legs
C. ears and head hair
D. face and upper body
Question 19 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to the authors of the journal article for Forum 3, recipients of social support are often:
A. sometimes worse off
B. much happier
C. very pleased
D. none of the above
Question 20 of 40 4.0 PointsAccording to the journal article for Forum 3, recipients of social support may experience:A. lowered self-esteem
B. feelings of indebtedness
C. receiving the wrong kind of supportD. all of the above
Question 21 of 40 4.0 PointsThe authors of the journal article for Forum 3 hypothesize:A. having secure attachment history with parents causes one to benefit from providing instrumental support during adolescenceB. having secure attachment history with parents causes one to benefit from instrumental support in adulthoodC. having secure attachment history with parents causes one to benefit from emotional support in adulthoodD. having insecure attachment history with parents causes one to benefit from emotional support in adulthoodQuestion 22 of 40 4.0 PointsAlong with personal denial, ____________________ is also a barrier to woment entering treatment for substance abuse.A. abstract behavior
B. spousal support
C. familial denial
D. None of the aboveQuestion 23 of 40 4.0 PointsGenetic factors contributing to substance abuse and addiction are easily separated from environmental influences.
A. True
B. False
Question 24 of 40 4.0 PointsThere are 3 agonists approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. in the treatment of opiate dependence.A. True
B. False
Question 25 of 40 4.0 PointsControlled drinking consists of:
B. a good startle response
C. a particular response
D. having shots
Question 26 of 40 4.0 PointsMood disorders occur twice as often in men than in women.
A. True
B. False
Question 27 of 40 4.0 PointsAutistic children may have _________ of anterior areas of the brain and ___________ of posterior areas.
A. overgrowth; undergrowth
B. undergrowth; overgrowth
C. undergrowth; undergrowthD. overgrowth; overgrowth
Question 28 of 40 4.0 PointsAn individual who hears voices, reflects feelings of persecution, and with flattened affect may be diagnosed as:
A. diabolical schizoid
B. paranoid schizophrenic
C. schizotypal
D. delusional disordered
Question 29 of 40 4.0 PointsThe quality of maternal care may affect the development of the _______________________ system.
A. anxiety response
B. thyroid
C. pituitary-adrenal
D. limbic
Question 30 of 40 4.0 PointsThe connection between cognitive science and cognitive therapy is well established.
A. True
B. False
Question 31 of 40 4.0 PointsA biological signal involving both chemical reactions and electrical shifts is called:
A. axon
B. neuropathway developmentC. psychopathology
D. action potential
Question 32 of 40 4.0 PointsCognitive-behaioralists assert maladaptive behavior is the result of the way we ________________ and ____________________.
A. process data; respond to the environmentB. process information; perceive ourselves
C. perceive others; process stimulii
D.perceive ourselves; perceive others
Question 33 of 40 4.0 PointsA neurostransmitter involved in reinforcement and chemical addiction is dopamine.
A. True
B. False
Question 34 of 40 4.0 PointsCentral to the study of psychopathology is a definition of _____________________.
A. a counselor
B. psychology
C. society
D. culture
Question 35 of 40 4.0 PointsThe goal of cognitive therapy is to:
A. identify negative cognitionsB. test negative cognitions
C. develop new schemas
D. all of the above
Question 36 of 40 4.0 PointsBeck’s cognitive therapy is now well-established, effective treatment for depression.
A. True
B. False
Question 37 of 40 12.0 PointsProvide a synopsis of the controversy over the inclusion and exclusion of particular paraphilias in the DSM. Include your opinion. Be sure to elaborate with scholarly presentation, style and argument.
Question 38 of 40 20.0 PointsWhat are the advantages and limitations of viewing addictive behavior as diseases? As learned behaviors? As immoral and sinful? (450-600 words). Elaborate.
Question 39 of 40 20.0 Points
What would be the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing specific illicit substances? Provide a response that goes beyond personal opinion.(450-600 words) Elaborate.
Question 40 of 40 4.0 PointsEating disorders may derive from a fear of fatness.
A. True
B. False
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