“The Prophet’s Hair” Quiz – Empire Essays

Eng 2480 “The Prophet’s Hair” Quiz
Instructions: Please complete both sections.
Section I. Please answer the questions below in brief, but exact detail (50 points).
1.) How does the moneylender find the vial of hair?
2.) Why does the moneylender keep the hair?
3.) What plan does Huma devise to get rid of the vial of hair?
4.) How did the thief do to ensure that his sons would have a lifelong source of high income?
5.) Who dies by the end of the story?
Section II. Please answer the questions below. Each response should be 100-150 words, citing specific evidence from the short story. (50 points)
1.) In “The Prophet’s Hair,” what is the relationship between religion and money? What is Rushdie’s purpose in presenting this relationship?
2.) Discuss whether Rushdie is advocating for people to have more religion in their lives or pointing out how hypocritical religious followers are.

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