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        The National Response Framework assists in planning and response efforts to the local community for an identified risk. It is the responsibility of the State and local governments to identify the risks and develop an all-hazards plan with annexes for specific hazards that present a high risk. Using the Probability Summary Matrix that Norman (2016) provides in the textbook on page 206, a facility manager can identify the risks to the people and facility, determine whether they are caused by a natural hazard, man-made hazard, or a terrorist attack to prioritize the probability of the risk. After the vulnerability to risks is minimized or eliminated through mitigation efforts, the risk manager can coordinate with liaisons from the response agencies and facilitate the development of a plan that identifies the roles and responsibilities of staff and response agencies. In addition, the risk manager can identify the resources that will be needed to assist in the response phase.Do you think it is beneficial for the risk manager to develop a matrix of resources for response efforts as demonstrated in the National Response Framework? The post The National Response Framework appeared first on nursing writers.
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