The major elements of a holistic assessment include backgrou…

Comment on the following for each one1. The major elements of a holistic assessment include background information and preferences, physical needs, social and occupational needs, psychological wellbeing, and spiritual well-being (Lansdell, 2016). There are many components of a holistic assessment. One component is spiritual (Wallace, 2013). It is important to address this component as this could lead to some decisions the patient makes in reference to their care. For example, if a patient comes in with a GI bleed and is anemia, a holistic assessment will include a spiritual assessment. A spiritual assessment should be done to determine their beliefs on blood transfusions. We, as nurses, must show a level of understanding toward others’ spiritual beliefs as it applies to patient decision-making. In order to be understanding, we also must know our own values so we cannot be afraid to discuss patients’ spiritual needs (Wallace, 2013). ow2. looking at holistic assessments it is defined as the process of gathering subjective and objective data to provide a foundation of the patient care (2013, January) . Holistic assessment is composed of physiological, psychological, sociological, developmental, spiritual , and cultural needs of the patient. Looking at developmental stages it is very useful in assessing infants, children and young adults. It allows us to identify key milestones and norms within children. In adults developmental stages can be used to assess cognitive, personality, and coping abilities ( Baldwin & Bentley 2021).3. Holistic assessment contributes to challenging the overall goal of each client. Some advantages are the increase in interpersonal communication skills and the establishment of the thrust between patients and nurses, making collaboration more flexible. In addition, patients feel compassion and empathy for the nurses leading to increase thrust and appreciation of the role of nurses. Also, holistic assessment help improves patients; outcome and patients; satisfaction. For instance, a study in “A Holistic Approach to Improve Nursing Retention During the First Year of Employment” found that the new grad nurses who participated in the experiment of 90- minutes training each week for four consecutive sections in the study modified their time management by reducing the length and time of performing the holistic assessment. Also, there were positive outcomes in the quality of care and the understanding of self-care activities (Bonczek et al. 2016). Holistic assessment is a critical factor in the nursing process. Plagiarism Free Papers
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