The licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with her…

The licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with herpes zoster. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?Prepare to administer acyclovir (Zovirax).Apply topical miconazole to the affected areas.Apply dry, sterile binder dressing to the affected areas.Instruct family with a history of chickenpox that they should not visit the client2. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client who has developed alopecia, leukopenia, and oral ulcers. The healthcare provider suspects systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). What additional assessment finding if the present will aid in the diagnosis?A crusted lesion on the lip.A bulls-eye rash on the anterior trunk.A generalized red, raised rash that is itchy.A butterfly rash over the nose and cheeks and along the eyelids.3. A client comes into the medical office with first degree sunburn of the chest, back and face. Which is the Licensed Practical Nurse primary concern?Body imagePain managementFluid resuscitation.Teaching about sun protection4. A client comes to the dermatology clinic with numerous skin lesions. Inspection reveals that the lesions are elevated, sharply defined, less than 1cm in diameter, and filled with serous fluid. When documenting these findings. The Licensed Practical Nurse should use which terminology to describe the client’s lesion?Vesicles.Pustules.Bullae.Cysts.5. The Licensed Practical Nurse is assessing a client with partial thickness burns over 25% of the body. Which assessment finding should the nurse report? To the Healthcare provider immediately?Decreasing appetite.Edema at the intravenous (IV) site.Hourly urinary output of 20 to 25 ml.Complaints of pain every 4 to 6 hours.6. The Licensed Practical Nurse in the outpatient clinic is collecting date from a client who has psoriasis. WHich of the following should the nurse expect?Intense Pain.Silvery white, scale.serous Drainage.SilverLesions along the pathways of the nerve endings.7. The Licensed Practical Nurse is reinforcing teaching to a group of clients on skin cancer prevention. Which information should the nurse stress?After being in the woods or in tall grass, check for tcs.Avoid strong perfumes, hand creams and body lotions.Shower immediately after being outdoors.Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.8. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with skin lesions to the lower extremity which has recently become very itchy. Which is the priority nursing action?Prevention of secondary infections.Obtaining client’s medical history.Referral to the dermatologist.Referral for counseling.9. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client who has just received burns to the check and neck. Which is the priority nursing action?Obtaining the client’s pulse and blood pressure.Monitoring the client for respiratory distress.Identifying the client’s next of kin.Determining the extent of the burn.10. The Licensed Practical Nurse is assisting in the initial assessment of a client with full thickness burns of the anterior trunk, anterior and posterior surfaces of the right leg and another surface of the right arm. According to the “Rule of Nines”, the client has received what percentage of burns to the body?36%28.5%40.5%45%11. The Licensed Practical Nurse is assisting in the development of treatment plan for clients with head lice and scales. Which should be included in the treatment plan?Special carbohydrate diet to promote healing.Complete isolation from the public for one year.Clothing, linens, and bath articles should be thoroughly cleaned in hot water.Instruction clients to cover their mouth when coughing to prevent transmission of the disease.12. The Licensed Practical Nurse is providing instructions to a client who has just been diagnosed with impetigo contagious about spread of the infection. Which statement by the client indicates an understanding or the instructions?“I will avoid sharing towels with other family members”“I will keep the area covered with a warm moist dressing”“I will apply antifungal cream to the area two times a day”“I will wear a hat when going outside to avoid sun exposure”13. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client who has recurrent herpes simplex type 1 lesions. The Nurse should perform a focused assessment of which of the following areas of the client’s body?Extremities.Genitalia.Mouth.Scalp.14. The Licensed Practical Nurse hears in report that the client has anemia. Based on this information, what would the nurse expect to observe when? Assessing the client’s integumentary system?Brown concentration of melanin.Pallor of mucous membrane.Yellow tinge of conjunctive.Cyanosis in the periphery.15. The Licensed Practical Nurse is providing discharge instructions to a client with a new diagnosis of heart failure. Which should the nurse include in the instructions daily weight?Eat three heavy meals a day.Drink 4000 ml of fluids per day.Take blood pressure before taking digoxin16. A Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with acute cellulitis of the lower leg. Which should the nurse anticipate being part of the treatment plan?Cold compresses to the affected area.Warm compresses to the affected area.Alternating hot and cold compresses continuously.Intermittent heat-lamp treatment four times per day.17. In reviewing laboratory results of a client who is experiencing acute exacerbation of the left-sided heart failure. The Licensed Practical Nurse would look at which laboratory result to understand the severity of the client’s heart failure?B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP).Complete blood count (CBC).Kidney function test (KFT).Liver function test (LFT)18. A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is assisting in care of a client with diagnosis of myocardial infarction (MI). The client is experiencing chest pain that is unrelieved by the administration of nitroglycerin. The registered nurse (RN) administers morphine sulfate to the client’s as prescribed by the health care provider. Following administration of morphine sulfate and nitroglycerin the LPN plans to monitor which vital signs closely?Mental status and respiration.Urinary output and pulse rate.Respiration and blood pressure.Temperature and blood pressure.19. When a client returns to the nursing unit following a percutaneous trans luminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedure. What assessment finding should the Licensed Practical Nurse report to the health care provider immediately?Report of chest pain.Report of dry mouth.Urinary output of 90 ml/hour.Blood pressure of 106/66 mm hg.20. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client who returned to the nursing unit following a cardiac catheterization. Which nursing action is? Most appropriate?Maintain NPO.Checking peripheral pulses.Applying heat to the insertion site.Staring range of motion exercise immediately.21. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with a newly inserted artificial pacemaker on that of the left chest area. Which nursing intervention is appropriate?Instructing the client to exercise by raising the left hand above the head.Allowing the client to go lift 10- pound weights with his left hand.Encouraging the client to go swimming.Monitoring the site for redness.22. A client complaining of not feeling well is seen at a health clinic. The client is taking severe medications for the control of heart disease and Hypertension. These medications include a beta blocker, Digoxin, and diuretic, a tentative diagnosis of digoxin toxicity are made. Which assessment data supports this diagnosis?Constipation, dry mouth, and sleep disorder.Double vision, loss of appetite, and nausea.Chest pain, hypotension and paresthesia.Dyspnea, edema, and palpitations.23. A client admitted with possible right-sided heart failure. Which assessment finding by the Licensed Practical Nurse supports this diagnosis?Bradycardia.Flushed, red face.Dry, hacking cough.Distended jugular veins.24. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with heart failure. To reduce fluid volume excess, the nurse anticipates the health care provider prescribing which medication?Metoprolol (Lopressor).Furosemide (Lasix).Enalapril (Vasotec).Digoxin (Lanoxin).25. A client is suspected of having a myocardial infarction. The Nurse would expect elevations in which laboratory values to support the diagnosis?Troponin l.Serum creatinine.Blood urea nitrogen (BUN).Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)26. A client is reviewing warfarin sodium (commadin) for treatment of atrial fibrillation. Which laboratory test does the Licensed Practical Nurseanticipate the health care prescribing to the effectiveness of the medications?Platelet count and PPT.Bleeding time and APTT.Partial prothrombin time (PTT).27. The Licensed Practical Nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client who has a new diagnosis of angina pectoris. Which of the following information about angina pain should the nurse include?The pain usually lasts more than 60 minutes.The pain persists with rest and nitroglycerin.The pain worsens with deep inspiration.Activity and anxiety can trigger pain.28. The Licensed Practical Nurse observing a cardiac monitor notes that the complexes each have a P wave followed by a QRS complex and a T wave. The rate is 122 beats per minute. The nurse recognizes this arthymia as which of the following?Atrial fibrillation.Sinus tachycardia.Sinus bradycardia.Atrioventricular block.29. The healthcare provider hears a heart murmur during a routine physical examination. If the heart murmur is due to a childhood infection, the Licensed Practical Nurse would expect the client to report having had what disease?Rheumatic fever.Whooping cough.Varicella (chicken pox).Rubella (German measles).30. The Licensed Practical Nurse is monitoring the complete blood court (CBC) results of a client in an acute rehab setting. Which result would the nurse identify as abnormal and should be reported to the healthcare provider immediately?White blood cells (WBC’s): 3000/mm3.Red blood cells (RBC’s): 4.8 millions/mm3.Platelets: 260,000/mm3.Hematocrit: 44%31. Ferrous sulfate is prescribed for a client with diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia. The client returns to the clinic two weeks later, which assessment by the Licensed Practical Nurse indicates that the client has been taking the medication as prescribed?The client complains of black pain.The client’s stools are light brown.The client reports extreme weakness.The clients report having more energy.32. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for clients with lymphedema of the lower right extremity. The nurse provides which important nursing interventions?Nutritional supplement.Family intervention.Emotional support.Financial support.33. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client in sickle cell crisis. Which action is a priority during sickle cell crises?Administering opioid analgesics as prescribed.Assisting the client with frequent ambulances.Applying and embolism stocking.Restricting sodium intake.34. The Licensed Practical Nurse is planning care for a client with hemoglobin of 8g/dl. Secondary to chemotherapy. Which should this nurse include in the plan of care?Limiting fluid intake.Weighting the client monthly.Providing for rest periods with activities.Exercising for periods of one hour three times a day.35. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with a prescription for liquid iron preparation. When instructing the client about the administration of the liquid iron, what information should the nurse provide?Mix the liquid iron with whole milk.Use a straw when taking liquid iron.Pour the liquid iron from over crushed ice.Drink the liquid iron paper cup.36. The bone marrow aspiration of a client confirms diagnosis of leukemia. The Licensed Practical Nurse finds the client crying shortly after being informed of the diagnosis. What is the nurse’s best response?“Why are you crying”.“Thinkpositive thoughts”.“You seem terribly upset”“Don’t worry, the doctor will take care of you”37. The Licensed Practical Nurse assisting the RN in preparing a client for blood transfusion. When checking the blood groups, which does the nurse recognize to have the greatest likelihood of incompatibility?Positive blood to an A-negative client.O- positive blood to an O-positive client.O- positive blood to an A-positive client.Positive blood to an AB-positive client.38. The Licensed Practical Nurse Is reviewing the laboratory results of a client who is receiving filgrastim (Neupogen). Which in the result would include the effectiveness of this mediation?Decrease in blood glucose.Increase in red blood cells.Increase in white blood cells.Decrease in blood coagulation.39. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client who received streptokinase (striptease) for treatment of acute myocardial infarction (MI). the nurse monitors the client for which adverse effect of the medication?Bleeding.Tachypnea.Hypertension.Hyperthermia.40. The Licensed Practical Nurse Is caring for a client with pernicious anemia. Which nursing action should the nurse include in the plan of care?Placing a fan in the client’s room to circulate the air.Applying a warm blanket on the client.Placing the client in reverse isolation.Offering frequent iced drinks.41. The health care provider informs a client diagnosed with polycythemia Vera that phlebotomy is required and explains the procedure. When speaking with the Licensed Practical Nurse later that day, which statement by the client produces the best evidence that the client understood the healthcare provider’s explanation about the procedure?“I will receive a blood transfusion”.“Blood will be removed from my vein”.“I’ll have tourniquets applied to my arms”.“Some veins will be surgically occluded”.42. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with bone marrow depression. Which should the nurse implement as the most important measure in preventing transmission of harmful pathogens to the client?Administration of combinations of prophylactic antibiotics.Strict and frequent hand washing by all people having contact with the client.Creation of a “Sterile” environment for the client with use of laminar air flows roomsPlacement of client in private room with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.43. The Licensed Practical Nurse is developing a teaching plan for a client with hemophilia about home management. Which should the nurse include in the teaching plan?Avoid contact sports.Increase iron-rich foods in the diet.Use aspirin when severe pain occurs.Minimize joint pain by walking and weight bearing.44. The Licensed Practical Nurse is caring for a client with agranulocytosis with a new count of 15%. What is the nurse’s priority action?Instituting bleeding precautions.Restoring fluid volume deficit.Providing oxygen via maskPreventing infection.45. The Licensed Practical Nurse is providing health promotion about coronary artery disease (CAD) to a group of clients. Which information should the nurse include as no modifiable risk factors (CAD)?Diabetes melitus.Smoking.Age.Hyperlipidemia.(6 Points)46. A 68 year old client is admitted to acute cardiac rehabilitation. The client has a history of chronic heart failure hyperlipidemia, and atrial fibrillation. The Licensed Practical Nurse completes medication reconciliation and identifies that some information is missing.Choose the most likely options for the information missing from the drug selection from the list of options provided below the table. (Please use the upper-case letter as shown in the options to indicate your answer)Medication Dose, Frequency, Route Drug Class IndicationDigoxin 0.125 mg once a day orally 1 Increases myocardial contractile foceand cardiac outputWarfarin (coumadin) 2.5 mg once a day orally 2 Reduces risk of embody strokeAspirin 325 mg once a day orally Salicylate 3Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 20 mg once a day orally HMg-CoA reductase inhibitor 4Options for 1 and 2 Options for 3 and 4A). Beta-adrenergic blocker G). Treats anigaB). Corticosteroid H). Decreases platelet aggregationC). Angiotensin-converting enzymes inhibitor I). Manages atrial fibrillationD). Anticoagulant J). Reduces blood pressureE). Selective serotonin reuptake inhinitor K). Decrease cholesterolF). Inotropic agent L). Treats heart failure47. A client admitted with a diagnosis of thrombocytopenia is preparing to be discharged from an acute care facility. The Licensed Practical Nurse provides discharge instructions to the client, which information should the nurse include in the discharge instruction.Place a check mark (x) next to the information that should be indicated in the discharge instruction._______1. Check for blood in stools and urine._______2. Restrict sodium in the diet._______3. Engage in kickboxing exercises._______4. Blow nose gently._______5. Use an electric shaver._______6. Avoid instructions into rectum (such as rectally administered medications or enemas)._______7. Use a soft toothbrush._______8. Use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain management._______9. Use stool softeners._______10. Daily weight on the same scale. Plagiarism Free Papers
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