the impacts of divorce on school age children s social and emotional development paper

Major: Child Development
Topic : The impacts of divorce on school-age children’s social and emotional development
1. Minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles (at least 6 are to be quantitative, empirical/research articles) published between 2008 and 2020 from peer reviewed journals.
2. Your topic of choice will be developed into a research question and you will break the topic down into three themes; you need 3 to 4 scholarly articles per theme. Your thinking about the research findings of those articles will be guided by developmental theory. Each student will identify a theory that will serve as a lens to understanding the chosen topic and the research on it.
3. You may want use Erikson theory, and Bronfenbrenner’s Eological systems theory.
4. The paper will be written in APA format and style with one-inch margins throughout, and will include an APA title page. The body of the paper (not including title page, abstract, and references) will be a minimum of 10 full pages in length, in Times New Roman,12-point font, and double spaced (with NO extra spaces between paragraphs or elsewhere), per APA requirements.
5. Attached files are description, template, and sample paper.
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