The home health nurse is caring for a patient that has been …

1, The home health nurse is caring for a patient that has been confined to bed for the past two weeks. The nurse is concerned about what potential complication?A HypertrophyB AtrophyC HyperplasiaD Anaplasia
2, The nurse correctly recognizes which of the following processes listed below is an example of apoptosisA decreased rate of mitosis by the red blood cells (RBCs)B liquefaction of necrotic tissue caused by fungal infectionC ischemic damage to cells due to decreased oxygen deliveryD the lifespan of platelets is approximately 8 days and then the cells die
3, The nurse understands that mammary gland enlargement during pregnancy occurs due to which process?A Compensatory hypertrophyB Hormonal dysplasiac Hormonal hyperplasiaD Gestational metaplasia Plagiarism Free Papers
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