(The detailed prompt will be in the attachment) This paper i…

(The detailed prompt will be in the attachment) This paper i…

(The detailed prompt will be in the attachment)
This paper is to design a human rights campaign, the tools of a campaign could be: protest, litigate, boycott, inform, monitor and analyze (I also attached a ppt of different types of campaigns that we learn in the class)
I need a total of 1500 words paper (try to stick closely with this number), single space, Chicago style with footnotes.
MUST use a minimum of 3 of academic sources that I attached below, and you could also include other sources into the paper.
Our TA will check every single in-text citations and footnotes so please cite them properly.
There are already structure given in the paper instruction, please follow and answer every bullet point listed.
I already chose my topic so please stick to the topic that I chose.
Two-Child Policy Campaign

–>A brief overview of the human rights issue at hand:

China disregard women’s reproductive rights; Two-child policy

–>A brief overview of your proposed campaign concerning this human rights issue:

Abolish two-child policy and advocate reproductive rights (women have the rights to choose whether they want to give birth or not; no limitation on the number of children in a family)

–>Thesis Statement:

The two-child policy deprives Chinese women of their control and rights over their bodies. Under this policy, women are subject to great psychological oppression and physical harm. The campaign that I am proposing is to abolish the birth restriction system in order to abandon forced abortion, relieve women’s reproductive pressure and give women the rights to choose the number of birth. (Please also include how to press the government to change the policy into the thesis statement)

Note here that I chose TWO-child policy, not the one-child policy. The Chinese government used to have one-child policy, but in 2016 they switched the program to two-child policy.

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