the department of Social Service writing homework help

1. What are your career goals, and how will earning a college degree help you achieve those goals?
To work with the department of Social Service to assist with helping families to get back on track. Provide service to my community.
2. Why do you think you deserve to be selected to receive this scholarship award?
As a military spouse I’ve been a support not only to my spouse but also to the United States Navy. I’ve worked along side with the Fleet and Family Support service center, during times of deployment and welcoming new families to the base. I’ve also worked with Onbudsman to help keep families in touch with there deployed spouses, for over seventeen years. I have been a mother who have moved with two children in and out of the country while standing as a strong single parent during six month deployments.
3. Your eligibility for this scholarship is in part based on your affiliation with a current or prior U.S Servicemember or DoD civilian, in your own words, what sacrifices have you experienced as a result of this relationship?
Overall I have sacrificed long term employment, opportunities to work towards a retirement. Being separated from my immediate family. I have also sacrificed being able to communicate with family members during times of living outside of the Country.
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