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Some find Boccaccio’s Decameron offensive and irreverent towards the representatives of the Catholic Church.  Others feel that exposing the corruption of the Catholic Church was indeed necessary and healthy for the future of the Christian world.   Analyzing two tales of your choice explain how, in your opinion, exposing corruption, through narrative, is beneficial for society.  Make sure to discuss and to include specific examples.
Apr/10 The Decameron, day 1:  tales 1, 2, 3, 4;  
Apr/15 The Decameron, day 2:  tales 5, 10;
Apr/17 The Decameron, day 3:  tales 1, 4, 10;
Apr/22 The Decameron, day 4:  Intro tale; tales 1, 2, 5;
Apr/24 The Decameron, day 5: tale 4; day 6: tales 1, 4;
Apr/29 The Decameron, day 7: t 2; day 8: t 3; day 9: t 3
****These are the readings, you can pick only two tales and write based on those, since the professor specified only two readings for the final. 
I need this paper (7 pages + 1 bibliography)  by Wednesday 23 at 10pm. Sharp, NO LATENESSES!

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