The business was established earlier this year, March 2022. …

Company Profile The business was established earlier this year, March 2022. It was Miss Edlyn Moriyama along with her husband, Masayuki Aoyama, who came up with the concept of opening an authentic Japanese Cafe. Toraya is a Japanese snack shop that is committed to serving only the best and freshest food to its patrons. All food is prepared fresh each day to ensure this. and any leftovers are thrown away at the end of the day. It places a high priority on customer pleasure. therefore staff members always act professionally and politely to deliver the greatest experience. They also offer its patrons a variety of games and activities in addition to giving them fresh and excellent food. The goal of these games and activities is to provide players a delightful and fun time. Hakot snacks, a game in which players attempt to catch snacks in their mouths, and kendama, a Japanese game involving balancing a ball on a stick, are just a couple of the games and activities that they provide. These games and activities are just a handful of the many ways they work to make sure its clients have a good day. a. Mission – To meet the standard and expectations of the quality of taste of the customers as we continue to explore in knowledge to provide excellent and dignified food services. – To create a remarkable food experience and approve our credibility, purpose and meaning, authenticity, relevance, significance and importance in the world of snack bar. b. Vision – To provide high quality standard, authentic Japanese snack bar to our customers with a reasonable price while achieving our goal to provide opportunities to our employees to enhance their skill in quality performance and service for the common good and the society c. Organizational Chart M – Masayuki Aoyar’na Edtyn Mariya ma um u.— sun u… u-H I Giana Sofia jialyn Angel Qulndan Bulln Virtudazo Plagiarism Free Papers
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