the business model of twitter

Analyze Twitter’s business model and explain its benefits and limitations for news and communication. Compare and contrast Twitter’s business model against other social media sites’ business models, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Where does Twitter stand in comparison to the success of other business models?
Article: 5 Business Models for Social Media Startups
Read this article about various business models for online start-ups.Although this article is from 2009, it will provide you with good basic knowledge of social media business models.
Article: Why Facebook Will Never Change Its Business ModelThis article outlines how Facebook’s business model functions and why altering it would defeat the purpose of the social media platform.
Article: How Twitter, Instagram and DesignRush Changed Their Company Business Models To Succeed In The MarketThis article describes how various social media platforms have altered their business models in order to thrive within the social media market.
Article: Reinventing Business Models In a Disruptive WorldThis article focuses on how traditional business models are being adapted or redeveloped in order to keep up with disruptive innovation and the ever-evolving field of technology.Article: What Are Promoted Tweets?This article from Twitter describes how promoted tweets can help advertisers reach a larger consumer audience or keep their current audience engaged.
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