Thanks in advance. Below are some sentences in Language X.

Hello, any help in this question would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Below are some sentences in Language X.
dakart ‘I bring’ dakarket ‘I will bring’
dakarn ‘you(sg, fem) bring’ dakarken ‘you(sg, fem) will bring’
dakark ‘you(sg, mas) bring ‘ dakarkek ‘you(sg, mas) will bring’
dakar ‘s/he brings’ dakarke ‘s/he will bring’
dakargu ‘we bring’ dakarkegu ‘we will bring’
dakarzue ‘you(pl) bring ‘ dakarkezue ‘you(pl) will bring’
dakarte ‘they bring’ dakarkete ‘they will bring’
a) Identify and list all the subject-indexing morphemes in this language and write down the information they convey (e.g., which person, etc.). For this and other questions below, remember to add hyphens to indicate whether the morpheme is a prefix, suffix, etc.
b)What two tenses are represented in this data set, and how is each expressed in this language?
c) How does Language X differ from English in terms of the information encoded in the morphemes referring to the subject (free pronouns in English, verbal indexes in Language X)?
d) If darama means “s/he sings”, how would you say “you sing” when referring to your mother?

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