Tessy listens closely to Romina, a care aide, shares her con…

Tessy listens closely to Romina, a care aide, shares her concerns about an incident that occurred the previous week, while Tessy was away. Romina tells Elsie that she found Mr. C, a client with dementia, in Mrs. S’ room. His pants were undone, and he was on top of Mrs. S with his hands down on her pants. Mrs. C was weeping and agitated but because of her own dementia, was unable to express herself, call for help or stop Mr. C.Romina tells Tessy that “things happen” and it would be “taken care of”, Romina has not heard anything from her since. She’s concerned Sharon has not taken any steps to collect more information or address the incident in any way. Romina hopes Tessy can do something more.As she considers what to do, Tessy discovers Mr. C cornering a different, visibly distressed woman in her room, grabbing at her house. Tessy immediately calls for assistance to remove Mr. C from the room and settle him in the quiet lounge, while she comforts the woman. Tessy then goes directly to Sharon’s office to report the matter and determine what steps will be taken to appropriately protect the clients, investigates thew incident and ensure that Mr. C’s care plan supports his needs.Elsie is dismayed when Sharon again minimizes the incident, saying “dementia clients can have sexually inappropriate behavior” and “no need to blow things out of proportion.” Tessy restates her concerns, but Sharon does not agree and a few minutes later leaves for the day.Tessy is not comfortable with her manager’s dismissal of the situation. She worries that Mr. C will continue to endanger other clients and believes that if the first incident had been investigated, appropriate protection, care plans and support for all the clients would have been put in place. Tessy does not have the authority to do investigation, authorize 1:1 supervision or a transfer to a more supervised care situation.1. What contribute to the issue?2. What consequences might occur?3. What might prevent this issue from occurring?
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