Term paper for Philosophy Of Mind

Four items are attached to this assignment: (i) Natalja Deng’s critique of Prosser, (ii) Geoffrey Lee’s critique of Prosser, (iii) Prosser’s response to Deng and Lee (and Skow), and (iv) Akiko Frischhut’s paper. Answer one of the following questions:
(1) Defend Deng’s critique from Prosser’s reply to her.
(2) Defend Lee’s critique from Prosser’s reply to him.
(3) Compare Prosser’s views and Frischhut’s views, point out their similarities and differences, and judge their relative merits.
In answering the question of your choice, do not forget to bear in mind what you learned from the papers by Armstrong and by Kim, and also from our class discussion throughout the semester.
Write at least 2,000 words (approximately 6 pages, but go with the word count, not the page count) and at most 3,000 words.
Your paper should be written and submitted properly as specified in General Instructions for Writing and Submitting the Term Paper(see below).
-Preferably question 1 or 2.
-I will attach the following articles to this.
-MLA Format
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