Tell me what the author is trying to communicate. What’s the…

Your fourth journal assignment covers the following readings:

Hermanson – Women, Pants & Politics
Roberts – Chapter 11 (Modern Age)
Roberts – Chapter 12 (Modernization Theory)
Plugh – Past American Time
Riches – Basketball & Globalization

You are expected to give a brief summary of each reading, addressing each author’s key ideas and concepts. Tell me what the author is trying to communicate. What’s the main takeaway? Finally, what can you say about the collection of readings? Can you make sense of the four readings as a group? What do they say collectively?
Successful journals will be approximately 4-5 double spaced pages in length. They will correctly identify the key ideas in each reading, and finally synthesize the readings into one coherent statement about American Sports & Leisure. The use of outside examples to clarify and illustrate your final argument about the readings is very helpful. If any of the other readings in this section are helpful to your final argument, please use them.
Hermanson – “Women, Pants, and Politics”
Roberts – Chapter 11
Watch Putnam’s talk on “Bowling Alone”
Roberts – Chapter 12
Plugh – “Past American Time”
Riches – “Basketball and Globalization”

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