Supply Chain Strategy and Project Plan (Power Point Format)

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper OR Develop a 7-10 slide presentation (in both cases, your audience is the senior executives) in which you explain your supply chain strategy to include the use of global suppliers. You will also develop a high-level project plan for the your development project,to include project scope and objects, schedule with milestones, risks and mitigation plans. Also be sure to include (but do not focus on just the bullet below, be sure to cover the bolded directions):

I am assigned only one bullet point. Please provide two power point slides with speak notes on the following:

High-level schedule with milestones

This will be based on a 3 year timeline.
Regarding the milestones, I would say the contents of our week two paper are appropriate for determining what our milestones are. So the would be developing the product, testing the product, gaining approval on product from senior management, manufacturing the product, marketing the product, distributing the product, and then finally launch day.
Please ensure this is done in power point and with two slides and speaker notes.
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