Supplementary and Safety Discussion

1) watch the film “PBS frontline s34e06 supplements and safety” Supplements and safety
A) Write down 10 key facts that you learned. There should be at least one fact from segment of the film.
B) Did watching film change your mind one way or the other about taking supplements? Why or why not? Your answer should be one paragraph (5-7 sentences).
C) What part of the film was most memorable for you? Why? Your answer should be one paragraph (5-7) sentences.
2) For a client suffering from each of the following SIX deficiencies, describe the major causes and signs/symptoms. Then, list at least 5 specific foods that you will recommend to the otherwise healthy client.
Vitamin A deficiency
Vitamin C deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin K deficiency
Vitamin E deficiency
Vitamin B12 deficiencyThe post Supplementary and Safety Discussion first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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